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about us

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Bitter Root Pottery

For both adults and children, a session at Bitter Root Pottery is meant to encourage a few moments of peace and Zen; an escape from our hectic lives by way of creativity. In just one session at Bitter Root Pottery, our hope is that you can take this respite to not only begin learning the process of clay, but to also carry this feeling into your day-to-day.
We cherish and value the experience of taking a simple lump of clay, or earth, and forming it into a vessel shaped by our hands-- a process that is not meant to perfect. Every piece thrown is completely unique to its creator.
The concept of ceramics is an ancient and simple one, to master the techniques of clay is a long process. Beautiful works of art are shaped by master artisans and craftsmen who have spent years learning the materials and processes associated with their artform. The staff at Bitter Root seeks to share their passion and skill with every student, but they cannot impart years of practice in only one session. Our goal is that you walk away with an inner sense of creativity, Zen, and joy through craft. And that you return, exuberant and inspired.