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introducing: beverly grove’s new hand building class thursday nights at 7pm

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Beverly Grove is excited to announce our new Intro to Handbuilding/Sculpture Class Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm!! Take a step away from the potter's wheel and dive into the world of handbuilding and sculpture with our talented and knowledgeable instructors! Every Thursday at 7pm, instructors will break down various techniques and user-friendly tools available in the studio to create pots without using the wheel. If you're new to pottery or if you need a break from the wheel to get fresh ideas, this is the perfect class for you!  

HOW IT WORKS: Just like our wheel classes, this is first-come, first-serve, walk-in only. Check in as early as an hour before. Wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting dirty (we do provide aprons and clay does wash out). Tie long hair back in a ponytail and take jewelry off. All clay, materials, glaze choice, and firings are included in the cost of the class. Please allow around 3 weeks for pieces to dry properly and go through both firings before pieces are ready for pick-up.

COST: $55 per person for 2 hour class with hands-on instruction

**Please note that this class is Thursday at 7pm at our BEVERLY GROVE location only!