beverly grove membership

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Beverly Grove Members have 24 hours access to the studio

Membership is open to all individuals 18 or older  who have taken a class with Bitter Root and have been approved by the instructor and/or the owner of the studio.
Membership includes firing and glazing, as well as
unlimited access to our beginner wheel-throwing class. Additionally, there is a membership discount for all other classes. For the schedule of additional classes click here.


Regardless of prior clay experience or skill level, it is required that you take a 2-hour adult class to demonstrate your ability to be approved for membership. The 2-hour class serves as an introduction to our studio and how we operate to determine if monthly membership is the right fit for you. It will also give you a refresher on throwing (or hand-building). Handbuilders may opt to take a private handbuilding class instead of the wheel class as their introductory course (For more information contact us)


Monthly membership begins on the day you sign up and will expire 30 consecutive days after that date.
You have 48 hours BEFORE you due date to determine if you will continue or terminate
membership. In either case, you must notify management. If you decide to discontinue your membership,
you must clear your shelf within 48 hrs. If you do not contact management, your shelf will be
cleared and all items will be donated (bags of clay, tools, etc) and/or discarded.

PLEASE NOTE: Bitter Root Pottery reserves the right to refuse an individual for a new membership or to cancel an individual's existing membership at any time if that individual acts outside of the BRP Code of Conduct and Cleaning Policy and/or causes serious disruption to the safety of the studio, members, and staff.

Your membership is only valid at the studio you sign up with. Your membership benefits, including access to the studio outside of business hours, cannot be transferred to anyone else. Family and friends who are not members must check in with staff during listed class times.



  • All students must check with studio staff before glazing first time.

  • All member-purchased glazes that are combinations must be tested on a test tile prior to use in the kiln!

  • There are NO re-fires, please test glazes on test tiles and keep notes!

  • NO low fire glazes will be fired, all glazes MUST be cone 5 or 6 NO exceptions.

  • The pot allowance is 15 pieces per month. Pot size should be within 4”-5” tall and 3”-4” in diameter.

  • If you choose to make larger pots, understand that larger pots will be counted as multiple pots within the 15 pot allowance.

  • Please be aware that larger pots may incur a longer wait time for firing, as there has to be sufficient kiln space to accommodate them.

  • All members, including teachers at times, are in the studio to create. They come for peace and quiet. Please be respectful of the atmosphere. If you have any questions, please ask teachers during CLASS TIMES.

  • All of a member’s materials, pieces, tools, glazes etc., MUST fit on that member’s shelf. You MAY NOT move another’s work to accommodate your piece. There are NO exceptions.

  • All members MUST clean up after themselves. This means sweeping your trimmings, wiping down all tables and surfaces, cleaning all tools, brushes, and cups from glazing/throwing.

  • Please look at each piece, enjoy the process, practice, and creation of each piece. Quality will always outweigh quantity.

  • Please be aware that memberships are on a recurring monthly basis. All members must alert Bitter Root staff 48 hours BEFORE the end of their membership for cancellation. Members have 48 hours to clear their shelves after cancellation. After 48hrs Bitter Root has the right to donate or discard all property on shelf.

  • The goal of Bitter Root Pottery is to perfect one’s craft and skill with clay and pottery-making. We hope that every student experiences the joy of ceramics and the creation of beautiful, high-quality pieces. Please do your best as a member to clean up after yourself so others can enjoy a tidy studio.

  • Because this is an art pottery studio that can change and develop over time, this also is subject to change - staff will notify members of any updates and revisions.

Membership starts the day after you sign-up and continues to the next dated day of the following month. As a member, you have access to our weekly classes at no extra cost. Membership is month-to-month and is available once you have taken a one-time adult class. At the time that you sign up, a teacher will walk you through full orientation of the studio.

Bitter Root Pottery is committed to providing the very best workspace for all of our patrons.
We are equipped with numerous pottery wheels for throwing and ample space for hand building.
Our electric kilns low fire at cone 04 to 06 and high fire at cone 5 and 6.
We feature a top of the line equipment for all members.
We offer several different clay bodies and a wide selection of in-house studio glazes and an array of tools, pint glazes.

Tools / Clays 
We carry all types of tools from different manufacturers across the country, hand picked by our team for the best possible results to pretty your pottery. And of course a large assortment of Cone 5 clay bodies from Bmix to Porcelains Hawaiian reds to B3 browns the choice is yours.

Glazes / Underglazes/ Engobes
We have a vast array of colors in pints from Aardvark, Amaco, Coyote, Laguna and Spectrum Cone 5/6 mid fire glazes, as well as a nice variety of cone 04/05 underglazes and engobes for sale. 
We supply everything you need to have the ultimate clay experience.
So come on in and have some fun!